Boudoir Photography is very personal experience between photographer and subject. It takes time to let the experience unfold and allow for a sense of the personality to authentically come through. This particular shoot featured here spanned about 3 hours from start to finish. 

When I do boudoir shoots I like to begin with a consultation via phone or in person where we discuss the the desired vision and experience the client wants. I like us to look at images together of what they like, what I like, what they don’t like and what I don’t like. We can do this through email and a private Pinterest board. This also helps build the look for what items they will want to wear on the shoot, where we should do the shoot, how hair and make-up will look. There is much to discuss ahead of time in a boudoir shoot.

Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--101 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--104 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--105 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--102 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--103 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--106 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--107

In this shoot featured here, she herself is a make-up artist and hair stylist, so she did her own hair and make-up. If you are not adept at doing your own hair and make-up, I would recommend hiring a professional for your boudoir shoot. I include professional hair and make-up in one of my boudoir packages.

Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--108 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--109 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--100


The color scheme we went with for this shoot was earthy brown tones to keep it true to the subject. We included some fun sexy shots of items she knitted. I like to keep the shoot authentic to the person so we also shot in her home. We began the shoot with hair up, a pearl necklace and a lacy bra, and then went hair down and more casual.


Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--110 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--113 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--114 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--115 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--117 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--118 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--119


My favorite images are the ones she found herself laughing, for it combines being sexy, beautiful and lost in the moment, a great combination.


Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--120 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--123 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--122 Maine-Photographer-Boudoir-Portraits--121


There are many images taken in our boudoir shoot here are some I want to share. A take away from this post is boudoir shoots can not be rushed, involve planning and most importantly trust with the photographer.


At LA NAILS they take their time making me look and feel good. It is what I do in my business for those who hire me to take photos of them.

This winter we have decided to shoot day to day things and feature local businesses. Today I went to LA Nails in Yarmouth and Matthew came along with. One of the things I like about this salon, not only that they are conveniently located to my home, the shellac polish lasts the right amount of time, but the owner  has  a great personality that is great to be around. Bringing the camera in today was fun to see how people react when you want to photograph them and not because it is an assignment or being hired. When we arrived it was rather busy, and by the end we were the only customers left, so there were no distractions from shooting staff. One of my favorite photos is the image Matthew shot through a second lens of Angela putting the bling on my purple shellac. That style of shooting we call “the Matthew double lens”.

After my mani pedi with Lisa and Angela, I went to photographing staff. The owner wanted me to get head shots for all her single staff members to find boyfriends and girlfriends.

A good local business featured, LA NAILS of Yarmouth ME.

Images were shot with the nikon d700 a 50mm 1.4 lense and the nikon 28-105 macro.

LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-037 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-041 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-040 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-034 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-033 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-025 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-018 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-016 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-015 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-014 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-013 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-012 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-011 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-007 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-006 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-003

LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-069 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-058 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-052 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-076 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-077 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-078 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-080 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-083 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-097 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-090 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-091 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-092 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-106 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-108 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-109 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-110 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-114 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-116 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-117 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-118 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-120 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-123 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-128 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-130 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-134 LANails-©SPeaveyPhoto2015-136

Sometimes I do shoots and I leave knowing exactly why I am a photographer. Photographing a party for a young lady named Bella in Kennebunkport last summer, I left feeling privileged to be a photographer. Getting to meet people, to learn their stories, to and have the opportunities to capture and create moments is very rewarding. My favorite images from the party were the photos shot of Bella and her sister on the beach at sunset showcasing their dance skills in the gorgeous Maine background. This pre-dinner part of the shoot was impromptu. While walking down the beach with the kids as they were making a music video with an app on their iphone I suggested some moves  they could do. I had no idea Bella and her sister had studied dance and always wanted a great photo of what we were about to do.

Here are some photos from this party celebrating the Miss Bella that my assistant Matthew and I got. The event planner Paula Cano of A Family Affair connected me with this family. I love working with Paula’s clients.

Cheers to Bella! Cheers to life. Cheers to making the right photos happen at the right time! 

Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-144 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-143 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-131 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-129 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-128 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-127 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-121 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-119 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-118 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-117 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-116 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-115 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-114 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-122 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-123 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-124 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-125 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-104 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-103 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-101 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-100 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-138 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-140 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-139 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-141 Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-142Kennebunkport-Maine-Celebrating-Life-118